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Find a restaurant in your local area and read positive things about it!


Make a restaurant reservation and go eat.


Come back and tell the reaturant about your experience.

Do it again!

You know you want to.

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Hospitality is about catering to customers, and in the true spirit of the restaurant world, that is the goal of almost every restaurateur. No restaurant goes into business to serve bad food purposely or give you a bad experience. It is a business of passion and hard work.

When using review sites people tend to come across negative reviews that are a false impression of the possibilities based on lousy reviews. The psychological impact of a negative review can completely ruin a potentially amazing experience. If you avoid reading such reviews, overall your experience will be better.

Constructive Communication
Restaurant owners and managers do invite all reviews. They can opt to hide them instead can respond directly and potentially offer you a resolution such as a free meal to give the restaurant another shot, potentially a credit, an explanation of what happened that night, or maybe just a polite thank you for providing constructive feedback. This is the hospitable solution that we think the internet needs and you positive people out their want. It is up to each restaurant to respond as they may, but our overall thought is that restaurants want to please their clients, and if they hear something negative, they want to try and change your perception and get you back in to give it another shot. Maybe it’s just not your kind of food, or maybe they had a bad food delivery and didn’t know, or maybe a waitress just had a really bad day. There are so many reasons you may have a bad experience on a bad day.

What do you know?
The average customer doesn’t know how much work it takes to start and run a restaurant. It is a grinding business that takes passion and hard work every day. We believe customers that have a bad experience need to think before they write. Restaurants should have the ability to fairly respond. Just think if everyone you dealt with in your daily life wrote a review about you. The majority would hopefully be positive, but everyone is guilty of having a bad day now and then, and we should not be judged on our worst days constantly. Just think how your LinkedIn profile may read if everyone you pissed off on a bad day wrote a negative review that you could not block.  We believe restaurants should be reviewed at their best, because that is the potential experience on a day to day basis and why they are in business.